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    About the Studio
  • About the Studio

    “Be a bad ass everyday!” -Quote from a workshop participant, as written on the bathroom wall where participants are invited to share after the workshop

    At The Sanctuary Society, we invite you to let loose and discover your inner fire.

    Take a journey through a creative process that may just have you seeing results like these:

    -More Courage

    -Higher Self-Worth

    -Feeling Empowered


    -In Touch With Your Life’s Purpose

    -More Curiosity

    -Richer Life Experiences


    Through creative processes learned through workshops, retreats, and creativity coaching, let us guide you on a fun and playful journey to your inner self, awakening your innate knowing and recapturing the inner passion that until now may have seemed slightly out of reach.


    Emerge from each experience a louder, bolder, more connected version of yourself—with a beautiful creation you can look to anytime you need to re-awaken your connection to your true self.

/ Colors of Paint
/ Emotions Expressed
/ Yards of Paper



Glow Mandala - Painting Experience

A mandala is a symbol that represents the universe.  It is used to aid in meditation and to expand the consciousness into the greater field of inner knowing.  It represents the self as a whole.

Discover soul soothing mandala creation in the fun and unique environment of ultraviolet and beats!

Wear your black light activated clothing and accessories for more fun!

Paint, Canvas and Instruction by April included!



April Broussard

Paint Rave - Glow Show
May 26th, 11-1pm

Join us at Sanctuary Studio – the sanctuary for heART, as we connect with others on a journey of non-judgement and Love. Discover artistic and freeing expression in the fun and unique environment of ultraviolet and beats.

Wear your glow clothes and accessories for more fun!

Paint, Canvas and Instruction by April included!



April Broussard


Each of the activities and workshops I've attended through Sanctuary Society has given me far more than I expected to walk away with. The process April teaches, of tapping into our inner voices, of "feeling, not thinking" and "out of your mind and into your heart" and then letting the art come out and express things for us - it's so freeing and so healing at the same time. I've discovered strength I didn't know I had by using this process on my own when facing a scary experience. I've discovered power I didn't know I had by looking back on some of my art pieces from her workshops or using her suggestions, and seeing so many new layers to it, and feeling new things, new perspectives on my life. I've discovered self-love I didn't know I was capable of by recognizing the value of this process and prioritizing it during stressful times of my life. April understands how all our experiences and various aspects of our lives connect and affect one another, and her workshops and retreats teach us how to use process creation and non-judgment to help heal all those injured connections.
Sanctuary Society is an amazing place to grow, heal, and have positive therapeutic experiences. The culture April has facilitated excels at getting people to express and experience themselves in their natural, creative, authentic self -- what a joy! From my experience there is usually an abundance of love and support from the various group members, and it is a wonderful place to find a sense of belonging. I recommend all of April's groups to anyone who is open minded and interested in exploring themselves in an authentic way!
I feel gifted in finding the safe space of Sanctuary Studio. There I have practiced many new ways of unfolding my hidden layers such as process painting, altered scripts, creating my very own muse and several other experimental practices. I have so much gratitude for April and her ability to guide us into these states of awareness all while feeling safe.


April Broussard

April is the owner and facilitator at Sanctuary Society.

Find and nourish your inner expressive artist.
Get in touch with the innate healing you possess
Discover and channel your authentic self.


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